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This year-long interactive course is designed to completely change your reality around money, finances and debt. When Simone Milasas first came across the tools of Access Consciousness that she shares in this course, she was $187,000 in debt. And then everything changed.

Simone is living proof that you can go from debt to millions when we choose to ask questions, stop judging, and invite joy, ease and abundance into all areas of your life.

If you’re serious about getting out of debt…we’d love to have you in 2018 for changing your financial reality!

The Program has closed for 2018


Shivam Saxena in August 2017:

Today I paid off my home and car loans of about 80,000 dollars. In full.  There has been a huge sense of silence and space in my reality since then.  And gratitude for the entire universe and every molecule.  Just when I went into “oh, may be it’s not a big deal” and my old ways of invalidating my creation, I paused and did a whole of pod poc-ing and still stepping into owning, acknowledging, claiming what I created here.

Simone, I can only present the energy of gratitude I have for you and this call that’s beyond words. Thank YOU for everything and opening these doors for us. I loved it when you talked about us being contribution to each other like in leap frog.  And so grateful to everyone here!!  Thank you!!!

In all of this – I realised a few things about creation:

  • It was way easier than I imagined it would be!
  • I asked and didn’t think about it.
  • Every step of the way I was willing to let go.
  • I knew I was taking giant leaps for people around me to digest, I did it anyway.
  • And when things got wonky, I committed to owning and claiming what I desired and energetically said, “Yes I am having it now.”

Virginie Aimard

I have read the book GOODJ and Im part of the year-long program. I am a big fan of Simone Milasas since I’ve discovered Access 4 years ago. She is a massive contribution to my life and Im beyond grateful! She is the living embodiment of the tools and makes it easy for each of us to access them and explore the nuances and depth with such a generosity of spirit that keeps inspiring me! and each time I read a chapter or participate in a call with her my world expands. And as a nice side effect, my money situation keeps improving!!! In fact I have doubled my income in the last 7 months !!! I keep choosing more and more – and I overcame a poverty mentality which prevailed in my family and world to embrace wealth and having money as a juicy possibility that keeps growing for me. I am deeply grateful and warmly recommends it to each person who desires more in their life!

Deepa Ramaraj

What has changed for me? I realised in Jan 2017 that I was not in any debt and yet signed for this class.

  1. I created a target to receive money in dollars (instead in normal Indian Rupees) and I did receive USD with ease multiple times this year.
  2. I had some judgment of people in debt and let go of that. When people came to me for facilitation and were in debt, it was easier to work with them to facilitate them to create a different reality.
  3. I have changed the reality of one person was in debt and has been coming to me for facilitation. Initially she was not willing to receive money – meanwhile her dad made major sales in his business, her brother got a job in another country.
  4. After 7 sessions she has received monies from multiple places that she had loaned money at zero interest rate. She says – she is so much more optimistic than the time she began! She has been very creative in her business. Suddenly ex-client companies are showing up with new client references and/or new orders.

Melanie Meade on June 2
We are in our 6 month and WOW did I see today how I had changed!  I used to stress about how to pay stuff before and ended up with a similar bank account situation this morning where I had NO MONEY! I keep money in another account but transferring would take 2 days and it’s a bank holiday weekend here so it was going to take longer and I faced the weekend with nothing….

It didn’t phase me in the slightest as the money I had used that created the no money in my bank account situation was used for a surprise whopper of a bill regarding my son and it created more to do it.  And instead of sweating it and feeling sick about having no money I said if I lived on cornflakes for the weekend I would and instead of 5 taking days the money I was transferring to my account only took 3 hours!