From Debt To Millions, Simone Milasas Has Had Both Ends Of The Spectrum With Finances…

Simone Milasas is a dynamic world leader, author, international speaker and founder of Joy of Business from Australia.

Similar to other business revolutionaries such as Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, Simone has never claimed to have a traditional business degree or typical financial credentials. Instead, she has lived an awesome, adventurous life that has given her the life and business experience to create a totally different financial reality.

She is known for demonstrating how to do global business from a place of joy and has been at the forefront of cutting edge business creation and development for over a decade.

As Simone says, “I would like the world to know that they can make a difference by every choice they make, and, by the action that they choose, they can change anything. If you’re looking for a quick fix to your money problems, this isn’t it. If you’re ready to change your entire financial reality, let’s go.”

When Simone first came across the tools of Access Consciousness, she was $187,000 in debt. She was having fun with her business, but she had nothing to show for it.

Now, as the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness which operates in over 170 countries, Founder and Creator of Joy of Business, and the author of the internationally acclaimed book JOY OF BUSINESS (currently available in 11 languages), she is living proof that when we choose to ask questions and stop judging, we invite joy, ease and abundance into all areas of our life.

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