I’m deeply impressed and excited by what Simone is offering the world!. The insight and wisdom in this book truly resonates for me on so many levels – as an investor, entrepreneur, and most of all CFO of our business and our life.  I love this book … an excellent bringing together of generative energy, insight, tools, and a different way of looking at money and debt that leaves me energized and inspired. What a gift this book will be to so many people!

– Chutisa Bowman, Benevolent Capitalism

This book is a gift to all those who are confused by money, intrigued by money, excited by money, hate money, yet know there are different possibilities available. The stories and interviews in this book are inspirational and incredibly practical. Change your life, read this book!

– Steven Bowman, Managing Director of Conscious Governance

​[ Reading Getting Out of Debt Joyfully ] has been just what i have been requiring in my financial world right now. Reading this book I have really got to see again, where I have not been willing to look at my present situation, and where I can choose to make a change, if I would like to.  It was a little wake up call so to speak –  one I probably haven’t really wanted to look at!

I love spending money. Having it? Well now that is something completely foreign to me, and something I may have to get use to. There really is so much more possible, when you are not only willing to ask some questions, but actually do something about it as well.

Thanks so much Simone, this book is an awesome tool to have help change those areas I haven’t really be willing to look at or more so, do something about, or even think I can do something about.

– Sharee Fennel, Editor